In the last ten years the number of people affected by humanitarian emergencies has doubled.

Emergency Action Fund

Prepare and act with local communities to respond quickly and efficiently. DONATE NOW

Preparing better emergency assistance, thanks to your donation.

Today, one person in every 70 needs urgent emergency assistance. This number is on the rise because of the impact of the global climate crisis.

We know that we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, but we can make sure that the people most at risk are better prepared to respond to them. 

Our approach is based on three principles:

We favor a locally led response

We work with local communities to identify inclusive, needs based and context-adapted response.

We support women's leadership

We want women to be at the center of humanitarian responses.

We work to ensure that communities are heard

We are committed before, during and after emergencies to ensure that the voices of the communities most at risk are heard.

For example, in Nepal, we teach children how to protect themselves during earthquakes. In Bangladesh, we work with women so that they guide their communities to cyclone shelters.

Building local leadership helps: in Bangladesh, in 2013, Cyclone Mahasen claimed 17 lives compared to the 3,500 deaths recorded in 2000 during Cyclone Sidr.

What can we do thanks to your donation?

With a donation to our Emergency Fund, you ensure a better response to future emergencies around the world.

CHF 500 can save the lives of 100 children, through a hurricane emergency preparedness course.
CHF 5,000 can provide health and sanitary kits to 1,000 families affected by an emergency.
CHF 15,000 can fund 7 reception centres where women receive support after an emergency.
CHF 25,000 can provide training for 1,640 people on how to prepare in the event of an emergency.

With your help, we can do a lot. Thank you very much!

Please, note that is possible to deduct the donations you make to ActionAid in your tax return.

Every year we will provide you with a donation certificate. 

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